Wednesday, December 10, 2008


  1. As you know, I have been preaching through James for a few months by now. It has been a real blessing to reexamine this wonderful epistle. James is mainly a practical letter. But even when he speaks most of all in practical terms, he also speaks of some themes in heavy theological content. For instance, in 1:18 he speaks about the New Birth in a way we don’t want to miss.

    This verse alone gave me the opportunity of spending 3 Sundays explaining the 3 main subjects of this verse:

    We were born again not because of our own free will, but because of His own will (v.18a) (This contains tons of theological content).

We were born again through the Word of Truth which is one of the means the Father has chosen to use in order to save the elect. (v.18b)

We were born again to be “a kind of firstfruit of his creatures” (v.18c). We are special to Him not because of ourselves, but because of Christ which speaks about the doctrine of imputation.

This verse is packed with theology in the true sense of the word. What John explains in several verses the act of regeneration, James says it in one verse only! That is why we need to pay attention to even one verse because that one verse could gives us a lot of food for thought. We have the sermons in Spanish for those who understand the heavenly language in this link:

Also, I have been writing a practical commentary of James verse by verse and sentence by sentence. I am aware of the difficult task, but it is better to try than not to try. And because my language is Spanish, I have been doing it in Spanish. So, forgive me all of you who don’t read Spanish. The Commentary is here in this link:

I hope this material may be of help to those who want to study James seriously.

Daviel D’Paz

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