Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We started a new program in our church (Centro Cristiano Eben-Ezer) about leadership training classes. Our goal is to equip men and women to serve the Lord through the gifts He has given them. We are using the book "Spiritual Leadership" by: Oswald Sanders as our manual on the first level. This book is a very good one tackling almost all the relevant issues on ministry.

We are all excited and we are looking forward when we can have some strong leaders as a result of this small begining. Women have their place in the work of the Lord and we need to tell them that they need also to get involved in ministry. Of course I don't think the role of a pastor is for women, but there are several areas where they may serve without conflicting with Scripture.

I hope this small group of future leaders can grow to be able to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. Leaders are in short supply nowadays. The church needs commited leaders. The church needs leaders with sound doctrine; leaders with a passion for God and compassion for the lost. That is our focus. That is our goal.

Daviel D'Paz

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